Avail a Lot of Benefits Making Spicejet Airlines Online Booking
22.10.2013 14:44

Spicejet is a very popular airline brand for all the travelers who want to enjoy flying at budget prices. The airline has its official website, which allows Spicejet Airlines online booking and also the facility to check other details regarding your flight.

The online booking is most convenient, as the lowest fares services, flight details, flight status, etc., are available on the website. By entering the source and destination airports and the date of the journey you get a list of flights offering service on that day along with the timings of each flight. Once you choose the flight of your preference after ensuring seat availability, you can make the payment using your credit or debit card. After the payment is made, you will get the e-ticket sent to your email ID. You can take a printout of the e-ticket and carry it with you when you board the flight.

The online booking also facilitates the online check-in, which is available 24 hours to 4 hours before the flight takes off. You have the option to choose your preferred seat. The check-in is allowed for a maximum of 9 passengers at a time.

Spicejet offers special services to those who require special assistance. Any such requests should be made at the time you make the bookings or 24 hours prior to the flight departure. The wheel chair guests are carried without any charges in both domestic and international flights. Expectant mothers and unaccompanied minors are given special care. Special discounts, rewards and cash back offers are offered when you make Spicejet Airlines online booking.

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